Andrea is a longtime Oregonian, with deep Pacific Northwest roots. She was raised in Eugene, educated at the University of Oregon and has been shaped and inspired by Portland. Andrea is a journalist-turned-marketer with sharp real estate instincts. Her ability to tell a compelling story helps highlight what a property offers to potential buyers. She has a keen eye for making spaces look good, understands what sells, and loves connecting people with homes and communities where they can thrive.

“Community is everything, and for most of us, community comes from where we live. It’s the neighborhood friends we share meals with, the nearby shops we frequent, the food carts where the teenagers congregate, the restaurants where we celebrate milestones, and much more. Purchasing a home has a tremendous impact on our lives and I want to help people do it well.”

In addition to obsessing over real estate markets and trends, Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband and navigating the wild and beautiful journey of raising three kids. They live in Southwest Portland with their two dogs on a street full of their favorite neighbors.